Games participation & Prize Collection Notice

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(1) All participants must answer correctly in order to enter the lucky draw, unless otherwise specified.
(2) Unless otherwise specified, online game participants must be member, and each participant could only enroll once for each game or lucky draw.
(3) All participants must provide valid Identity Card number. Participants will be disqualified if any detail provided is inaccurate or insufficient.
(4) Unless otherwise specified, prize winners from Mainland can only collect and use the prize at designated locations in the Guangdong Province; prize winners from Hong Kong SAR ("Hong Kong") can only collect and use the prize in Hong Kong. As the usage or nature of certain prizes may be restricted by geographical constraints or Hong Kong regulations, some games are open for Hong Kong residents only.
(5) Any participant under 18 must obtain his or her parent’s or guardian’s consent in order to participate the game, and such participant must provide his or her parent’s or guardian’s written consent and identification proof when collecting the prize, failure of which will render such participant disqualified.
(6) Television Broadcasts Limited ("TVB") will contact the prize winners based on the information provided by the prize winners in order to arrange their collection of the prizes or prize redemption letters provided by sponsors. If any information provided by prize winners is inaccurate or insufficient, or if TVB cannot contact the prize winners or verify the winner’s identity within two weeks after the announcement or within any specified period, such prize winners will be deemed disqualified. All participants’ personal data or contact information will be used for the purposes of lucky draw, game participation, promotion, production and/or broadcasting the programmes/ events, providing to the sponsors of the relevant programmes/ prizes and for contacting the participants.
(7) Prize winners will be notified to collect their prizes within two weeks after the announcement. Those who have not received any notification during such period will be deemed as failed.
(8) All prizes’ value are referred in accordance with their retail price or fixed price announced by the sponsors. Participants shall not dispute over the value of the prizes.
(9) Prizes’ winners are required to comply with the prize redemption methods, redemption conditions and the redemption deadline as set out by sponsors in the prize redemption letters. Prize winners’ right to redeem their prizes may be considered invalid if the redemption period expires or if the redemption conditions are not complied with. All prize winners should contact directly the sponsors or visit their website for details or queries.
(10) All staff and artistes of TVB or its group companies and their family members, and staff of the related sponsors and their family members are not eligible to participate in any of the games or lucky draws.
(11) The participants list is based on information provided by technical support companies, which shall be final and conclusive.
(12) All prizes, their photographs, graphics and description are provided by sponsors. Sponsors are responsible for the quality and quantity of the prizes. No representation or endorsement in relation to the prizes or their quality is made or will be made by TVB and/or its group companies.
(13) TVB and its group companies shall not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage incurred by any person as a result of the participants’ joining the lucky draw or any games; prize winners shall not make any claims or demands against TVB and/or its group companies. Under all circumstances, winners shall not make any claims or demands against TVB for any failure of delivery of the prizes by sponsors or any other prize related issue.
(14) If the prize concerned is tangible goods, winner should be responsible for the payment and arrangement of all customs clearance, taxes, and handling fees, overseas postal and insurance, etc..
(15) All prizes received by winners, unless otherwise specified, shall only be applicable in accordance with Hong Kong standards and specifications.
(16) Unless otherwise specified, all prizes are required to be collected at TVB City, Tseung Kwan O, Kowloon, Hong Kong. No Postal or money transfer service will be arranged by TVB.
(17) If winners are not able to collect the prizes or cash prizes within the time and place designated by TVB, winners will be deemed to have given up their prizes and their right to collect them.
(18)All prizes could not be exchanged in cash or in kind.
(19) TVB and its group companies shall have the absolute final determination on any disputes related to the winners’ prizes.
(20) TVB and its group shall have the sole and absolute discretion to interpret and determine the rules of the games and this terms and condition. Any decision made by TVB shall be final and binding.

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