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All Bookings (as defined herein) made shall be subject to these General Terms and Conditions which shall become a binding contract on the Advertiser and the Advertising Agent.

1. Definitions
2. Compliance
3. Programme Sponsorship
4. Changes In Rates Or Conditions
5. Material Standards
6. Acceptability Of Material
7. Advertising Material And Deadlines
8. Warranties and Indemnities
9. Cancellation Of Telecasts
10. Variations from Telecast Schedule
11. Interruption Of Telecasts
12. Pre-emption
13. Payment Of Accounts
14. Limitation Of Products
15. Record Of Telecasts
16. Volume Rebates And Surcharges
17. Cancellation And Rescheduling
18. Regrading
19. Termination By Station
20. Scope Of Agreement
21. Notice
22. Laws

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