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kung hei fat choy package
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TVB “Kung Hei Fat Choy” Greetings Package

Available Period 適用日期 :

2019年2月4日 (Mon 星期一) - 2月17日 (Sun 星期日)

Package Cost 套裝價格


Duration ()

RC No.52-OC*

RC No.53**

Package 套裝 A:

10-sec (秒)




5-sec (秒)



Package 套裝 B:

10-sec (秒)




5-sec (秒)



Package 套裝 C:

5-sec (秒)



*       For Advertisers who are rate protected under Rate Card No. 52 Mega-Upfront, Super-Upfront, Upfront and Open Contract. 只適用於受 52 價目表廣告預定計劃MU,SU,U及OC價格保障的客戶。

**     Available to all advertisers. 適用於所有廣告客戶。

Entitlements 客戶所得

Package 套裝 A :

Each package consists of 115 rotational TV spots to be scheduled between Feb 4, 2019 (Mon) and Feb 9, 2019 (Sat). 廣告套裝包括115不定位電視賀年廣告,於2019年2月4日 (星期一)至2月9日(星期六)期間播放。

Total 共
Jade 翡翠台: 5 x J7 1 x J6 4 x J5 3 x J4 5 x J3 18 x J2 10 x J1 46
J2: 5 x B7 3 x B5 12 x B4 2 x B2 12 x B1 34
TVB Finance & Information 無綫財經‧資訊台: 5 x A5 2 x A4 4 x A3 12 x A2 12 x A1 35
Total No. of Spots 播放次數 115

Package 套裝 B :

Each package consists of 93 rotational TV spots to be scheduled between Feb 4, 2019 (Mon) and Feb 17, 2019 (Sun). 廣告套裝包括93不定位電視賀年廣告,於2019年2月4日(星期一)至2月17日(星期日)期間播放。

Total 共
Jade 翡翠台: 4 x J7 2 x J6 2 x J5 2 x J4 5 x J3 18 x J2 33
J2: 4 x B7 3 x B5 12 x B4 1 x B2 10 x B1 30
TVB Finance & Information 無綫財經‧資訊台: 4 x A5 1 x A4 3 x A3 12 x A2 10 x A1 30
Total No. of Spots 播放次數 93

Package 套裝 C :

Each package consists of 72 rotational TV spots to be scheduled between Feb 4, 2019 (Mon) and Feb 17, 2019 (Sun). 廣告套裝包括72不定位電視賀年廣告,於2019年2月4日(星期一)至2月17日(星期日)期間播放。

Total 共
Jade 翡翠台: 2 x J7 1 x J6 2 x J5 1 x J4 2 x J3 8 x J2 16
J2: 5 x B7 3 x B5 10 x B4 2 x B2 8 x B1 28
TVB Finance & Information 無綫財經‧資訊台: 5 x A5 2 x A4 3 x A3 9 x A2 9 x A1 28
Total No. of Spots 播放次數 72

TVB News Channel Top Up Package 無綫新聞台附加套裝:

Each package consists of 20 rotational C3/C2/C1 TV spots to be scheduled between Feb 4, 2019 (Mon) and Feb 17, 2019 (Sun). 廣告套裝包括20次C3/C2/C1不定位電視賀年廣告,於2019年2月4日 (星期一)至2月17日(星期日)期間播放。

Duration (秒) RC No. 52-OC* RC No. 53**
Package Cost 10-sec (秒) $7,180 $7,780
套裝價格 5-sec (秒) $3,980 $4,380

Billing Schedule付款日期         2月- 100%

Remarks for Package A, B and C 套裝 A, B and C 備註 :

All packages include production cost in creating one simple computer graphic^ by a production house appointed by TVB plus recording fee of the greetings message by a male duty-announcer from the script provided by the Advertiser. 所有廣告套裝價格已包括由TVB特約製作公司以簡單電腦影像^處理客戶的賀年廣告,並由本台指派男性播音員讀出新春賀詞。

Advertisers who do not require the TV production facilities provided by the station will be given one extra J2 spot of respective duration. 客戶如選擇自行製作電視廣告,可額外獲贈J2時段內播放1次與套裝相對秒數的廣告。

Advertising Material And Deadline 賀詞、畫稿或幻燈片收件截止日期

Required TVB’s computer graphic production and/or voice-over recording.
2019年1月14日         Mon 星期一              1700

Finished material provided by client.
2019年1月28日         Mon 星期一               1700

Sales Conditions 銷售條款

Please observe the following in addition to our General Terms & Conditions contained in Rate Card Nos. 52/53:- 除 52/53 價目表內之一般條款外,客戶仍須遵照以下:-

  1. Bookings will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis. 所有廣告訂位以先到先得形式決定。
  2. Only commercials with Chinese New Year greetings message will be accepted for this special package and no product protection will be given. 《恭喜發財》賀年廣告套裝只接受新年賀詞或恭祝訊息之廣告。同類產品有機會於同一廣告時段內播放。
  3. The presentation of all package spots will be rotated on the fairest possible basis at the Station’s discretion. 本台將以公平方法安排賀年廣告之播放次序。
  4. Whilst these packages are not eligible for volume rebates, the total cost of such packages will be taken into account by the Station when calculating volume rebate available to the Advertiser under the prevailing Rate Card. 購買以上賀年廣告套裝的客戶將不獲大額回扣,唯此費用可撥入客戶在「翡翠台」現時沿用價目表之總廣告支出,以便計算同年度價目表大額回扣之用。

Remarks 備註

^ Sample of the graphics design will be placed in our website from November 19, 2018 (Mon) onwards. 
^ 客戶可於2019年11月19日起,登入TVB以下網址選取賀年廣告圖案式樣。

Should you require further information, please contact our sales office at 2805-7128. 如有任何查詢,歡迎致電2805-7128 TVB營業部。