How to register to be a member of

To become a member of is very easy, you can simply register to be a member at membership registration page.

Upon filling the registration form to become a member of, why do I have to fill in my personal details? targets to provide personalized online services for our members, the information you provide to us will definitely assist us in understanding your interests and needs so that we can provide better services to our users.

Besides, periodically organizes online games, if you wish to participate, you must first register to be our member. During the registration process, you are required to provide your name, ID number, contact number, email address and etc., this will save our users' time to fill in these information again when they participate in the online games. And if you have won prizes, can immediately contact and inform you of prize collection procedures by retrieving the information that you have provided by you upon registration. Moreover, in order to avoid confusion, the person who has won the prize has to present his/her ID card for verification with our record.

If you are interested in becoming a member of, please provide accurate information upon registration. declares that the information collected from our members will only be used for identification of our members and for proceeding with activities. The information will not be disclosed to other companies, organizations for other uses.

What are the functions of being a member of

Once you have successfully registered as a member, you are entitled to participate in all the activities, games, polling, lucky draws organized by In the near future, we will offer more online services tailor made to your needs.

How do I know I have successfully registered as a member of

When you have completed the registration process, will send you a welcome message to your email account, informing your login name and password.

What should I do if I have forgotten my password?

You can try checking in forgot password section and enter your email address. We would send your login name and password to you soon.

How to amend personal information?

Please click into Member Profile to amend your personal information.

When I try to login, how come the password that I have entered is not correct?

First of all, please check if the login name that you have entered is correct or not, note that for the login name and the password, the upper and lower case of the alphabets that you enter must be exactly the same as what you have entered upon registration.

If you still cannot login, you can retrieve your login ID and password by visiting the forgot password section and enter your email address. We would send your login name and password to you soon.

Will the personal information given to you upon registration be used improperly?

The personal information that has been submitted to us is kept strictly confidential. The information will only be used for marketing purpose and will not be transferred or disclosed to other organizations.