What is “ microblog”?

“ microblog” is a partnership between and Tencent, providing users with micro-blogging service.

What services can I enjoy for having a “ microblog” account?

Having a “ microblog” account, you can,
• Always listen to any of TVB artistes and other celebrities, tracking their every move
• Use the conversation function to hold direct talks with artists and celebrities
• Rebroadcast some interested /hot topics /broadcasts
• Respond to a topic/broadcast while retwit at the same time to express your personal thoughts
• Bookmark your favorite broadcasts
• Establish topics in “My Homepage”, post what you want to say and view the topics published by those who you have listened
• Review your past broadcast in “My Broadcast”
• Review your rare collection in “My Collection”

Why should I register a “ microblog” account?

Becoming “ microblog” member, a personal homepage is granted to you. You can receive the most updated broadcast from artists, members and friends you listened to immediately after login; you can also enjoy all the “ microblog” function, which make you feel like you are truly close to the celebrities and enjoy the fun of being a “ microblog” member.
If you are not a ‘ microblog” member yet, you can only view “ microblog” content, leave messages in the fanwall or reply to the broadcasts, but not using the interactive functions such as retwit, conversation, listen, and a personal homepage is not granted.

Are “ microblog” and Tencent Weibo the same? What is the difference between the two?

Both contents are synchronized. Any action you made on one side, like broadcast, listen, retwit, etc. will be immediately synchronized to the other side, except changing the profile information.

Is there any service charge for “ microblog”?

“ microblog” services is free to use.


How can I create a “ microblog” account?

You should be a member and process a QQ number to register a “ microblog” account.
If you are not a member yet, you can register at , and then come back to “ microblog” page and use the new account to login.
If you are already a member, you may use your membership to login directly; after login, a window will pop up, asking you to register a new Tencent Weibo ID or login your current Tencent Weibo account, and authorize to connect this account with your account. You may now enjoy all functions of “ microblog”.

I am already a member but not process a Tencent Weibo account, can I use functions within “ microblog”?

Yes, you can.
However, you are only allowed to reply to a broadcast and leave message on fanwall. Therefore, we highly recommend that you register a Tencent Weibo account. You may click on create microblog button in web page, register as a Tencent member by following the instructions. After you register successfully, the account will immediately connect with your account, and then you can enjoy all functions within “ microblog”.

I already have a Tencent Weibo account, but not yet a member, can I use the functions within “ microblog”?

No, you cannot.
Users must first register as a member and connect the account with Tencent Weibo account before using all functions within “ microblog”.

I already logged in, but Tencent registration window does not pop up during the microblog registration process, what should I do?

It may due to your browser which identifies or site as potentially dangerous; therefore window cannot be pop up. You can temporarily turn off the browser's “Pop up blocker” function, or add and to the “trusted sites”.


May I modify my profile?

Yes, you may.
Members can change your account setting and profile at For your profile in Tencent Weibo, you have to modify it in Tencent Weibo website separately.

May I change my password?

Yes, you may.
If you want to change your account password, just click the nickname on header after login, you may then change your password in your profile. If you want to change Tencent account password, please visit Tencent Weibo website.

Why can’t the personal information I changed in synchronize to Tencent Weibo?

Based on members’ privacy, personal data of two sites are handled independently; members, who would love to edit their profile, must visit and Tencent Weibo to modify them respectively.

Do I need to login twice for visiting “ microblog”?

When you create your “ microblog” and connect your membership with Tencent Weibo account, you only have to login with your account when you come back next time to use the microblog function.

Microblog function

What is Listen?

When you listen to a certain TVB artistes or other celebrities, his/her latest broadcast will appear in your homepage.

What is Broadcast?

Broadcast is the content which broadcast by users, which can be in text (140 words or less), photo or video format.

What is Reply?

You may reply (140 words or less) to others broadcast, or you may also choose to retwit at the same time.

What is Retwit?

When you want to share a certain broadcast/topic, you can add your own comment (140 words or less) during retwit. Or, you may simply retwit the broadcast.

What is Collection?

You may bookmark a topics or a broadcast which is interesting to you. It will be stored in “My Collection”.

What is Conversation?

You can choose who to listen according to your own preference and start conversation; the conversation will be displayed in the homepage of people that you are listening to.

What is Tencent Weibo verification?

In order to avoid misunderstanding caused by confusion of identity, Tencent Weibo uses authentication policy. All TVB artists and celebrities will have Tencent Weibo verification; this is to ensure that “ microblog” personal profile is true and accurate, and to encourage the user to be responsive for their broadcast.

Can I apply for Tencent Weibo verification?

This feature is not yet open in “ microblog”, we recommend that you to apply it through Tencent Weibo.

Can I see the broadcast published by people I have not listen to?

Yes, you can.
However, you can only search them through “ microblog” or Tencent Weibo in order to view his / her broadcast. Broadcast will only be shown instantly at your homepage for those members, artists or celebrities you are already listening to. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you listen to the people you care about, in order to follow their news!

Can I retwit or reply to the broadcast which own by people I have not listen to?

Yes, you can.
Again, you can only to search them through “ microblog” or Tencent Weibo before you can retwit or reply to the broadcast; broadcasts of that celebrity will not automatically appear at your “ microblog” homepage.

How can I return to my homepage?

Members can click on microblog button on header to return to your homepage; or go to and click on the activate microblog button to return to members’ homepage.

Why does my broadcast being deleted?

“ microblog” respects freedom of expression, but strictly prohibits curse, foul language, malicious criticism and non-facts claims. If members’ broadcast or messages are related to the above, they will be deleted. It is very much appreciated that members can work together to maintain harmony and order in “ microblog”.

Technical Support

Which e-mail can I contacted in case of problems found?

If you have any problem related to “ microblog”, you may send an e-mail to